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After a water damage or when the indoor environmental conditions are ideal (I.E. When the temperature, humidity and other factors are within range) mold can beginning forming in various places around a property. Quite often the location of the mold is not visible to occupants of the property: Existing within a wall, behind cabinetry.
To determine if a significant mold concern exist, first a base-line air sample is taken from the exterior portion of the home to determine what types of spores are present and their concentration. Samples are taken from the interior in various areas to determine what spores are present and gain their concentration.

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Where Does Mold Exist?

Mold and mildew are everywhere, whether you know it or not. It’s in the caulking or sealing in the shower and in the clothes that have been sitting in washer too long. But it’s the type and the extent of the fungi that matters more than how much you see. Our expert residential mold inspectors will personally explore every nook and cranny of your property, keeping an eye out for wet or damp conditions, low circulation, and humidity. They’ll check all the under counter spaces and corners of your bathrooms and under and around any other sinks in your house. Mold grows in places grows in places such as the back side of drywall, wallpaper, or paneling, the top side of ceiling tiles, and the underside of carpets and pads. The most common places you’ll find mold are:

• Kitchen – HVAC Units – Bathrooms – Basement
• Attic – ceiling – Insulation – Air Duct System

Heron Sight specializes in mold remediation, mold inspection, mold testing, toxic mold removal, mold prevention, water damage, water extraction and indoor air quality.

Symptoms Of Possible Mold Exposure






Sore Throat


Runny Nose


Eye Irritation


Skin Rash


Chronic Sinus Infection


Chronic Cough


Muscle & Joint Pain

itz diana
Very profesional technicians. My mold inspector was very knowledgeable and gave me a full report with lab results in 24 hours .. price extremely reasonable. Highly recommend
MeloHerrera Management LLC
Highly recommended! This company will give you great service at a fair price. Super professional, Jose was great. Thank you again!
Maternity 101.1
this company is not only professional, but the customer service is outstanding, the price is right, I have work several times with them and I will absolutely keep doing this! highly recommend it
He tenido una gran experiencia con esta excelente compañía. Su servicio es extraordinario, al igual que sus precios los cuales son sumamente cómodos y aceptables comparado con los demás en el mercado. La puntualidad del Sr. José al igual que la calidad de trabajo, es excepcional. El señor José tiene una gran experiencia y conocimiento de su trabajo, por lo cual recomiendo la compañía Heron Sight a cualquier persona o empresa en necesidad de obtener un servicio de calidad y satisfacción como la que yo he obtenido
Laura Biasetti
Excellent evaluation method of testing, very honest aproach, affortable price, documents summited to my insurance and no issues. Clean and organized process. Thank you for helping me making my home safe and free of mold!
Mariale Diaz
Excellent company. They do an awesome, perfect and on time job 100% recommended
Mayelin Mendez
They do a very good job and are very professionals .
Jose is a very profesional technician, I think he is also the owner. He tested my home for mold and I was very satisfy with the explanation and the rapid report. I would highly recommend Heron sight for your mold testing
Gabriel Gabarron
Jose's professionalism and experience was the first thing that I noticed when he came to my home. He resolved issues we had in the home and now we are living mold free..thank you Jose!

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